Build your Startup Team

"Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to." - Sir Richard Branson

Entrepreneurship is a team sport! Building a strong, diverse and complementary team with a common purpose and shared values will maximize your chances of success. 💪🏽

‘Disciplined Entrepreneurship’ by Bill Aulet recommends startup teams comprise the following hats:

  • Hustler, a business person 👩🏽‍💼
  • Hipster, a product / design person 👨‍🎨
  • Hacker, a tech person 👩‍💻

Teamwork and Culture

What are the key features of a team?
  • Members have a common shared vision.
  • Members have shared values.
  • Members have clear roles and are accountable to the team.
  • Members trust each other to do their job.

Check out our highlights on 'Teamwork and Culture' by Kari Heistad, CEO of Culture Coach International.

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What are the key differences between a group and a team?
Kari Heistad
Kari Heistad, CEO at Culture Coach International, explains the key differences between a group and a team.
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Personal story highlighting key aspects of team culture
Kari Heistad
Kari Heistad, CEO at Culture Coach International, shares a personal story highlighting trust and dependability as key aspects of team culture.
“Strength lies in differences, not similarities." - Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

We recommend team members take a strengths profile assessment to become more self-aware about their own strengths and identify the team's strengths along with any gaps. This helps the team to play to individuals' strengths and become more effective. 😎

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Team Strengths Profile
Rachel O'Neil
Rachel O’Neil, Founder of PeopleNova, discusses Team Strengths Profile to help teams understand their strengths in order to build strong, complementary and diverse teams.


The Japanese term "Ikigai" means "raison d'être" or "your reason for being".

Finding your Ikigai leads to a strong sense of purpose at work and increased professional satisfaction. Check out the chart below to think about how you can combine your strengths, skills, hobbies and purpose to create a better world.

Graphical description of Ikigai

Team Canvas

Check out the Team Canvas to align your team on purpose, values, goals, roles and rules.
Team Canvas