July 2022 - Founder stories with Nivi and Goodable

July 2022 - Founder stories with Nivi and Goodable

We're delighted to share that the learning content on VerroBot, our startup guide, is now accessible on our website for short summaries on key entrepreneurship topics.

Applications are open for the next cohort of our Social Entrepreneurship Online Bootcamp that runs from September 21st to December 7th, 2022. Startup founders and teams learn to apply a proven entrepreneurship framework, receive expert mentorship, build alongside a community of mission-driven entrepreneurs and get $50K in partner benefits. 

As a reminder, BonBillo is an accelerator for startups contributing towards the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. We provide structured training programs with mentorship, tools, and networks to help founders grow their social impact startups.

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BonBillo Impact Jobs Board - Latest Opportunities  πŸš€

Would you like to help solve India's complex logistics challenges? 

Freight Tiger, a digital freight network, with over 300 shippers and 4,000 transport companies is looking for a Director of Engineering, Principal ArchitectEnterprise Software Architect and DevOps Engineer to join their team.

freight tiger

Visit our Impact Jobs Board for more job listings contributing towards the U.N Sustainable Development Goals.

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Thank you to Sid Goyal and Muhammad Lila for sharing your journeys!  πŸŽ‰

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Nivi | Sid Goyal   Goodable | Muhammad Lila
Sid Goyal, a serial entrepreneur, launched Nivi to provide women access to contraceptives and counseling through the use of mobile phones.   Muhammad Lila shares his journey from being a foreign correspondent for ABC and CNN to founding Goodable, an app that uses AI to curate positive news.

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Congrats to BonBillo alumni and community members on their wins πŸ†

Couplet Coffee

Couplet Coffee, the LGBTQ+ and woman-led lifestyle brand that aims to make specialty coffee less pretentious and more fun, uses their social media to be more inclusive and approachable to consumers. Check out their latest feature in Fresh Cup Magazine sharing how Couplet does social media better.



Kartik Hegde, Founder at PaletteML, has been accepted into iVenture, the University of Illinois' summer startup accelerator. PaletteML, is a stack of applications aiming to change how machine learning (ML) projects are planned and managed in small to medium-sized companies. 

couplet_coffee_july22   kartik hedge


FoodCloud, a marketplace for fresh, delicious homemade meals in India, expanded their online distribution to include Jio Mart. Now their full range of homemade delicacies, FoodCloud Munchies, is available for purchase on the Jio Mart platform.



Goodable, the world's first company that uses the power of news to improve your mental health, and Atmosphere, the world leader in streaming TV for businesses, announced their partnership that will see Goodable TV broadcast to more than 25,000 venues across 20 countries

foodcloud_jio_mart   goodable_atmosphere

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